….make chocolate bark!

So, I tried to make some truffles using a “simple” truffle recipe I found on the internet (but cannot for the life of me find again). It seemed easy enough but after (almost) boiling the cream and adding in the white chocolate I knew something was wrong. It didn’t taste bad, don’t get me wrong, but the consistency was more like melted taffy even after I froze it.

What I was trying to make was a candy-cane truffle that had melted candy-canes in the ganache and was covered with white chocolate. It was for a potluck and I thought it would be a big hit. Since the ganache didn’t work out however, I used the rest of my chocolate and candy-canes to make this wonderful chocolate bark.

I think the problem with my ganache was the ratio of cream to chocolate. In other words too much cream and not enough chocolate. I’m going to try ganache again at some point but it’s an expensive thing to mess up and difficult to adapt into something else if it does. I ended up putting some of my ganache in the center of the candy-cane bark but it didn’t really add anything to the recipe. Here’s the recipe for those interested, it’s extremely easy and you can adapt the measurements how you like.


2 cups dark/milk chocolate

2 cups white chocolate

1 cup chopped candy-canes


Melt dark/milk chocolate and spread evenly with a spatula over a wax-paper lined cookie sheet. Stick in the refrigerator until hardened.

Melt white chocolate and mix with candy-canes. Spread over hardened dark/milk chocolate and stick in the refrigerator until hardened.

Break apart and serve. Serving sizes vary. This makes approximately two 16 x 14” baking sheets worth of chocolate.